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EURUSD Resistance at 1.33680

Well everyone I’ve seen is going on about trading Shorts down.

EUR/USD intraday: key ST resistance at 1.3425

Pivot: 1.3425.

Our preference: SHORT positions @ 1.3415 with 1.3345 & 1.3315 in sight.

Alternative scenario: The upside penetration of 1.3425 will call for a rebound towards 1.3455 & 1.35.

Comment: the pair stands below its new strong resistance and remains under pressure, the RSI stands below its neutral area and remains badly directed.

Well it jjust looks like resistance at 1.33680 and appears to be heading up, RSI just went over 50. So we shall see what happens in the next few hours – Although I would say that I think from what others are saying we could be looking at more a bullish pair this afternoon.

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