EURUSD possible new bearish trend forming (faster than the 1st!)

Okay last night was incredible for me. I made over 325% on a AUDJPY sell. This one trade made almost twice my weekly target!

Ok this is what happens when I’m wrong, it’s still in the first bearish trend I spotted. Update @ 7:30am


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Anyway back to good old EURUSD. I think we MIGHT be seeing a new bearish trend forming on the hourly chart. HOWEVER. Note this could all be scuppered by EUR news. However I think with the state of the GOLD markets and my comments yesterday with regards to everything being affected by GOLD we may see some kind of retrace today. I have only 2 strategic SHORTS on EURUSD at the present time, in accordance with Dutche Bank who announced their feelings on the pair last night, that they were staying short and that this was simply strategic because they were not sure of movement today.

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