EURUSD closed in profit (for about 3 pips) and now into GBPNZD

Good morning all, well I’m up 34 pips on this GBPNZD trade, there is a nice short opportunity down at 1.95685 or so down to 1.94355 for around 120 pips. My current trade went on last night @1.97353 for a short. Although I did break my own rule regarding taking shorts ABOVE the signal line it’s close enough to go and has been in bearish (big!) trend for about 4 weeks. STRoboot made the trade safe sometime at about 3am (I was asleep ofcourse!) which means that he moved the stop inside the entry and we’re hanging around the 30/34 pip mark profit.

You can get charts like this and be making profits on the FOREX at

I suspect I will have this as my last trade for the week, it’s been a brilliant month’s trading pulling in 219 pips so far in profit. I would like to get to 250 pips by the end of today if possible but we shall see as there is some MASSIVE news events today but not many of them, there are many speeches going on and speeches are very unpredictable. I have my entry orders ready but I am working with EXTREME CARE.

Incidentally this pair has a nice second trade in the magic space at 1.955602 down to 1.94439 in a short but that might not happen for a while :-).

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