EURJPY possible buy coming soon waiting for MACD

I’m really getting more and more into trading with MACD and Bollinger bands, my success rate is much higher than before. My plan simply, is to find the daily trend and then use MACD/Bolli bands to trade it. Much more successful. Actually, can be quite boring. I’m also waiting 1/2 hour after a news announcement to consider a trade, again much more successful than trying to second guess the markets.

So anyway talking of MACD it’s about 8:36 am and I’m waiting for EURJPY to change direction, so looking for the lines to cross, I think it should in about an hour or so. That will be a BUY thanks.

You’ll notice from the chart the histogram has already turned bullish but I want to see those lines cross and heading for the 0 position before trading this pair.

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