ECB Interest rate today.

Well, I’m steering clear of pretty much everything till after the ECB interest rate, although I do have a trade on yesterday from USDJPY sell. Which went absolutely no where. The pair is in a falling wedge on the 30 minute chart So I’m hoping for a nice break further down soon but ofcourse at the moment there is not much movement.

This is the new charts I’m using which are part of FXCM’s trading platform. I switched to FXCM on Monday and I’m very glad I did, it’s an amazing platform, but there are a couple of features I’d like. Mainly to be able to tile charts, like 4 to a page, also it could make me a coffee every hour, that would be sweet, plus, to save my chart settings as defaults for new charts. It does have favourites but to be honest, you have to select one at a time. The iPad app is absolutely outstanding, as is the iPhone app, proper charts unlike eToro’s efforts which are just simple charts with no indicators, FXCM’s charts are all there, indicators and everything. But WHY OH WHY can I not save a chart as a JPG/PNG please!

I’ve also noticed that FXCM have a very good training and research site called fxdaily, which you get free as an FXCM trader.

Good job guys.

Anyway thanks to GIMP here’s a chart.

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