Differences between live accounts and demo accounts.

I am not accusing anyone or anything but demo accounts ARE different from live accounts.

Here’s some proof – I did post something like this some time ago.

Ok. So here is the LIVE account for EURNZD on daily – you’ll see that it has one target at 1.54107 – the 4th candle back – is RED, bearish.

Now here is the SAME broker – on their demo account – the 4th candle back is – GREEN!!! and actually STROBOT saw it as another target.

Now this means LIVE accounts took a SHORT on EURNZD and demo’s didn’t because the Risk Reward was to small.


I’m interested in getting other brokers charts and comparing them. Seems to me something is afoot. I don’t think they are “out to get us” but there are differences which make it difficult because we really do need consistency between brokers and charts to develop trading software.

Now Check this out

Live account EURNZD – you can see after a big move.

But the demo account is MILES the other direction. So a demo trader would think they had placed the correct trade and probably TP’d whereas the live trader in a short would have stopped out.



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