Day 4 – Pro Act Traders – NZDUSD/GBPUSD

Ok I’m looking for the hook tomorrow morning (Monday!) in the UK session on NZDUSD it’s in a nice bearish trend that should last longer :-). I’m looking for the hook & go – as taught by Proact traders.

I think the thing is here I’ve been to the daily seminars and live trading rooms and I think you just absorb what he’s teaching. What I do know is that the charts plus technique are working. I’m placing winning trades and by that I mean 50 pips plus. I had a trade in on NFP which went against me but I lost nothing because my stop was already at break even. 20 pips into a trade you put your stop at break even. Have no limits, just keep moving the stop down so when it reverses you capture the pips. Brilliant.

So here is NZDUSD 240 chart, I’m looking for the continuation down but being careful of the bottom there.

Strangely I’m also looking at a SELL/BUY GBPUSD but I need a signal after the hook that is forming now, probably about 7:30/7:45am and it needs to break out of the channel.


There is now a break to the upside. 8:49am

Update closed 55 pip profit 🙂


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