Day 3 Cyprus Crisis

We don’t have days or weeks, we have only hours to save our country. Averos Neophytou

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Well, today some of the banks in Cyprus were told they may never open again! How will that work? They are being propped up by liquidity.

Political leaders in Cyprus are meeting for emergency talks after its parliament overwhelmingly rejected an international bailout deal. (clicky) For the Euro, no news is bad news and this is not good news folks.

I’m steering clear of GBP as it’s budget day and anything could happen….boing boing boing.

So a nice SELL order went on for EURCHF which just triggered at 7:57am GMT.

09:00AM Clicky – Euro climbed as CBE gave some time and liquidity.

11:30AM Removed Sell Trades. Crisis meeting in progress. SELL removed in profit. Waiting with tiny stop loss SELL on at the top of the upward bounce.

The green bar is the start of the meeting the red bar, I think, is the result, but I can’t find a news feed with any information.

Incidentally my money is on the Russians bailing them out with a reduction in the loan they already have and extra funding. But there will be conditions to it. Actually that was my third option on Monday.

Another option is that the Russians and the EU let them go bankrupt and then take them for everything they’ve got.

12:30 This just out (clickY)

14:30 Rumours that they will sell their bank to Russia are denied by Government. (They may be forced into this).

16:30 Greece may get into problems again after the Cyprus NO, greeks are starting to rally against austerity and this may result in further difficulties there…. could this be a pack of dominoes that has started falling down. Hold em up ECB hold em up!

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