Day 2 of Pro act trader subscription. GBPUSD sell.

Well I have now attended 2 “live trading sessions” with pro act traders having got the charts running up – they offer a 10 day free subscription. Scott, the presenter does go quite fast through the currencies but in the last 2 sessions I think I’ve learned more about the way forex works (i.e. who drives it) than in the last 4 years of trading.

I’m getting used to the pro-act trader charts as well – they are not the prettiest charts in the world but their custom indicators, who’s formulae are a secret, are incredibly interesting.

So here’s a trade set up from last night still in progress. Notice the white dot this is one of the pro-act signals. The big bullish move is the FOMC news which  I avoided trading before so the trade is aiming for a SELL down to  1.5062, I receive signals in emails, Pro act traders are keen to say this is not a trade but a setup and you have to evaluate it yourself.

Here is a summary of the live trading room.



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