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DAY 14 – Orders on

Sunday night/Monday Morning


NZDUSD – Trend Bullish – 0.8153 BUY target 0.8186,0.8241,0.8330
GBPUSD – Trend Horizontal – Possible break to the downside failed, awaiting something….
GBPJPY –  Trend Bullish – 153.23 BUY order Target 153.79, 154.12, 154.67 as Friday did not trigger
EURJPY – Trend Horizontal – No trade As Friday
AUDUSD – Trend Bullish – 0.9227 BUY Target 0.292,0.9316 – ALREADY ACTIVATED entering hook phase looking for go @8AM UK time or thereabouts on market open added BUY @ 0.9209 the base of the hook
USDJPY – Trend Bearish – 96.93 SELL target 96.40,96.07,95.51
USDCHF – Trend Bullish – Not clear, double bottom need to see another movement
USDCAD – Trend Bullish – No trade possible break to the downside but not yet as Friday
EURGBP – Trend Horizontal – No trade Low ATR

How do I work these out? – I use the pro-act traders method – see the link above.

It is better to learn to fish, than just to be given fish……so this is the last day I will be posting my trades. Unless people ask for it.

Warning: These trades are my own calculation and are for educational purposes only. If you take them you do so at your own risk, it is your decision and you should do analysis for yourself.
AUSUSD triggered buy. Daily chart.
Hourly Chart (Note I switched to my RF1010 chart, there are not a lot of buyers at this time of day but that’s fine for me).
Look at the buy signal on the 10 minute chart.
Wide Open Spaces

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