Daily Trading Video 17th December 2013

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Trading Update

Today I give up trading news! I lost a couple of trades today trading out of GBPUSD news which I should ignore and wait for SliverTrader to give signals after the news! Many more profits, luckily I traded some SilverTrader trades and got all the pips back and made a reasonable profit.

One thing for SilverTrader users, watch out trading into white lines, when there is no space, it is better to trade into a big space between the white lines. Anyway here is one of todays trades a USDJPY sell that just completed in profit.

When I entered there was the blue box and diamond ready for a sell so I entered below the white line, target the next white line and you can see what happened.

Incidentally, my $200US trade account I opened at the beginning of the month with BelforFX (banners above) has just broken $600US not bad. Thank you SilverTrader. But I’m keen for others to enjoy the success of trading this way. So I’ve got a special offer till Jan 1st of only $75 USD for SilverTrader plugin for MT4. After that it is going up to $150 USD. http://www.iwanttobeaforextrader.com

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