Daily Forex Video & Trading 20th December 2013.

Good morning everyone.

Today I am trying an experiment. I am setting  up my SilverTrader trades and then leaving them alone.

SilverTrader is unemotional about it’s trades, yesterday a USDCAD sell trade I could have had I held back because of lack of market movement. That is not a reason not to trade and in fact it turned out to be a good sell trade.

This morning I am selling GBPUSD, XAGUSD (silver) and UJ. (USDJPY).

Looking to close out before 9:30 UK GBP but it may be disappointing and push my trade further lower.

Anyway here is the video – don’t forget that after 1st Jan the SilverTrader Software will go up to $750 USD and $50 monthly. So get your lifetime copy for $75 at http://www.iwanttobeaforextrader.com

Anyway happy trading  = check back for updates!

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