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Could be over 200 pips today?

I have had GBPCHF short order that SignalTrader Trading System is managing on since last night and SignalTrader Trading System has kept it out of the trade for now, there is CHF news in 9 minutes. So I’m hoping for a retracement.


Last night the FOMC news pushed the dollar bullish so I’m now looking for reversals on those as well. This is AUDUSD


..and here’s a note about the trading system, most of you will place your entry orders somewhere above price, SignalTrader Trading System actually will MOVE your entry order/stops to match the market, so when you get a break you are ready for it, but when the market is just ranging around you don’t have to worry.

Sometimes ofcourse we do get false breaks and get stopped out. But with SignalTrader Trading System it has a unique trailing stop system so that most of the time we don’t loose that much (if anything) and in fact if we have a losing trade it will stop out with a small profit. is the website for the SignalTrader Trading System. The Forex tool your brokers don’t want you to see.



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