Big moves thanks to FOMC… so now what?

So now we’ve had some huge moves against the dollar, the swissy (USDCHF) plummeted. So what now, we are sitting just below the bottom of a big bearish trend.

That big candle needs squaring up there is no way they will leave it like that. HOWEVER it may not be today. The dollar is very very low and could go down as far as it’s next target but my feelings are that it will bounce up first if the USD can find ANY buyers after last night.  Yikes!

Steer clear of GBP this morning @ 8:30 we have news but my feeling is they will let it rally then do the pull back instantly REGARDLESS of what the news is. It’s also to close to a target for a buy to be worthwhile so I’m holding back and have set signals on my charts to let me know when things happen.


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