AUDUSD Bearish Trends….on just about everything.

The MACD  on the 4 hour chart is near the bottom of the Bollinger bands in a bearish trend. The lines have crossed but are still bearish, on the daily chart bearish. However look on the Daily chart, the MACD at the base. There are signs of a small bullish move in the future but at present I think we will maintain a bearish trend.

I am looking for the hourly chart to be at the top of the Bollinger Bands, it’s in the wrong place for me to open a trade at the moment. Here’s the Hourly and 5 minute chart. I would like to see the MACD lines crossed and things in the right place for perhaps further bearish move after the next bullish move, but I may scalp the distance between the Bollinger bands on the 5 minute chart when it changes direction.

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