A sample basket.

So my strobot closed a basket of trades this morning with 150 pips of profit.

I thought I’d post a sample of the trades.

Firstly GBPCHF (this is the one we got into yesterday that I was surprised about).

If you Zoom in you can see it. This is the big winner! 🙂

Long from 1.5125 to 1.51774 GBPCHF

EURCAD we closed with a tiny loss. (part of the basket thing means the big good trades cover the losing trades)

GBPCAD closed with a small profit

NZDUSD short profit

So that’s

NZDUSD – Open 0.78735 – Close – 0.78051
EURCAD – Open 1.41308 – Close – 1.40941
GBPCAD – Open 1.78287 – Close – 1.77547
GBPCHF – Open 1.51245 – Close – 1.51774

Total 150 pips profit..Basket closed


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