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A new Royal Baby…and now to trading


Exellent days trading yesterday with good profits. Still buying GBPUSD with strong GBP and weak USD data, keeping an eye on JPY if JPY continues rallying against USD I may consider a SELL USDJPY trade later today after USD news.

As the markets now open GBP is rallying slightly and I wonder if this is anything to do with the new Prince. We may be helped along by GBP figures at 9:30 as well. But a new prince can bring a boost of $400 MILLION to the economy of the UK, already buoyant with good figures.

Looking at the GBPUSD chart for today we can see the rally and I think I’ll ride that today and see how we get on – re-evaluate after the news.

EURGBP is resisting a big break bearish but I think that could happen any time, just needs a nudge.

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