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A couple of orders for Monday

(you copy this stuff at your own risk ok)

Trading plan for Monday BUY NZDUSD

Daily NZDUSD showing a rising wedge of 1300 PIPS!! 1300!!!! And guess where it is…just turned the bottom. Strong resistance, so this would be a longer trade from here of say 3 or 4 days looking for at least 500 pips.

The 4 hourly chart helps us along as well… I reckon we could look for 200 pips bullish *BUT* look at the hourly chart…

Although the rise was strong, a bit of news caused a drop and very fast retracement. I think the true order should go in bullish @ 0.8743 with a stop loss @ 0.832 OR we could wait for it to break out of this wedge with an order at 0.839. However as I want to maximise pips and itโ€™s not that different may as well set up for Monday with.

Order placed Sunday night update Monday Morning.

Not in progress yet.

Longer Trade

Buy 0.8355
SL at 0.831 – below the trend line ๐Ÿ™‚
TP at 0.850 200 pips higher.

Short Term (100% profit achieved)ย 

Buy at 0.8355
SL at 0.8325
TP at 0.8378

Aiming for a total of 200 pips!
Note that I buy at the turn of the current down.

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