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A big day for GBP today.

Well it’s budget day here in the UK but I think it’s business as usual, most of the budget news I expect will be built into GBP price.


Sentiment is very good here in the UK but that could all change @ 9:30am this morning with some important news.

I’m holding a GBNZD long ORDER in SignalTrader Trading System that is targeting around 1.94770, it may get there quite fast if there is good UK news but we shall see.

The SignalTrader Robot also has a few other trades on at the moment from reversal signals in congestion, AUDCHF short, EURCAD short, AUDCAD short.

So let’s see if the robot makes more pips than me today! I took 63 pips profit yesterday with a 3 pip loss which was pretty good, but nothing compared to one of my traders who pulled 75 pips.


I have closed my long GBPNZD order, GBPCHF is showing a reversal signal! which to me is incredibly strange. Look at the gold hat!

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