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Announcing STROBOT III

I decided to actually step back and rewrite strobot. Strobot III is now out but copies will be limited. (to 10). For full details please visit his website @

Features of Strobot III are.

  • Trades Ichimoku Kinko Hyo on 3 time frames at once, requiring them all to be in play to trade.
  • Automatic Stop & Tp
  • Automatic Trailing stops (not in the standard fashion)
  • The idea being that it is a set it and forget it Robot, it trades 40 currency pairs 24/5.

I am limiting the number of copies available to 10, if you are an existing STROBOT user the upgrade is free.


STROBOT multi-trade mode.

STROBOT has a number of different modes, these are all automatic and the artificial intelligence lets him decide which mode to choose.

This is a demonstration of multi trade mode, you can see he has the old trade on from a few days ago and gets a new signal so uses the profit from the old trade to cover the entry for the new, both with the same TP.

His other modes include hedging mode which happens when he senses a possible change in market direction. He applies this to 40 or so currency pairs at once.


Fixed a bug and now this….

Here are this weeks trading results from 2 accounts from different brokers.

300841 – PDF


9015938 – PDF


I think the results speak for themselves. Basically Strobot is now at the point that I can leave him alone. He trades every currency pair there is on MT4.

Using 700 pip baskets (yes 700 pips).

I found a bug in strobot and tuned up some of the entry criteria and here we are!

Happy Days! Happy Profits! Well done strobot

New trading algorithms in action.

Sorry I’m not selling STRobot any more – here’s an update from Friday.

The Bug that turned into a trading algorithm had me in 700 pips YES 700 pips of open trades.


Here’s a trade that TP’ed out. You can see STRobot finding entries. He correctly identifies the break out of the congestion. The red diagonal line shows the actual trade, his target just above the next FIB line.

STROBOT gets a new entry system.

In a happy accident I discovered some maths that meant that STROBOT now has a new entry system. Here’s it in action.

The small green bar at the bottom of the screen is the buy signal, a red one is a sells signal, strobot places an entry order on the yellow line and waits, targets are set using FIB levels.

STROBOT seems to know when the market is about to change direction – the BLUE indicates a no trade. Mostly in flat markets.

See how STROBOT saw the sell coming! Even though the market looked like it was in a strong buy.




STRobot version 4.5 Trade Entry Example

Ok – I’ll start by saying that this s NOT ALL the things STRobot does to qualify a  trade entry – he does use FIB levels as well.

First of all STRobot looks at the daily chart.

Then the 4 hour chart

Then lastly the 15 minute chart – see the red bars they are entry order places.


So basically no-one in their right mind would buy this pair – STRobot is looking for detailed entries based on the charts.


STROBOT Adding trades to long USDCAD

So STROBOT has set up USDCAD and has a trade in currently at 80 pips profit, he has set up another trade at entry 1.23375 for a long.

So he is building trades on existing profits.

The original entry order set at A and the new entry order at B so as we get the break out of the second area of congestion we are able to build up the trade for the new targets.

111pips profit target in the original trade.