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STRobot version 4.5 Trade Entry Example

Ok – I’ll start by saying that this s NOT ALL the things STRobot does to qualify a  trade entry – he does use FIB levels as well.

First of all STRobot looks at the daily chart.

Then the 4 hour chart

Then lastly the 15 minute chart – see the red bars they are entry order places.


So basically no-one in their right mind would buy this pair – STRobot is looking for detailed entries based on the charts.


STROBOT Adding trades to long USDCAD

So STROBOT has set up USDCAD and has a trade in currently at 80 pips profit, he has set up another trade at entry 1.23375 for a long.

So he is building trades on existing profits.

The original entry order set at A and the new entry order at B so as we get the break out of the second area of congestion we are able to build up the trade for the new targets.

111pips profit target in the original trade.


Strobot spotted an interesting flat market with GBPAUD and placed an entry order back at 6:30am this morning, the trade took and has broken quite an important level so is now rallied up, we are 67 pips in profit with a target of 240 pips at the sub fib level (this is essentially a 61.8% fib level sitting between the daily 23.6% and 61.8%), STRobot sometimes uses these levels.

Current Trades (in pips)

Annoyingly while I was writing the post we got up to 81 pips

EURNZD Short STrobot trade 100 pips up.

Starting to day with the hourly chart on one of my live accounts you can see a drop of 100 pips on EURNZD, the FIB LINE 61.8% is our target (just above). STROBOT predicted the fall yesterday in fact and entered the trade @ 21:35 GMT yesterday evening, the pair bounced back up but kept within our stop and has now broken down. Target is a lovely 228 pips.

Here’s the 15 minute chart.

As you can see it’s a great entry and STROBOT has come out of the turn rather nicely.



STROBOT just TP’d this trade for 228.10 PIPS Awesome, the pair has now started to bounce back of of the 61.8% fib level.

Fib level trade by STROBOT

Sometimes STRobot does really amazing trades check out this FIB level trade where he took an entry from he 23.6 to the 38.2 and closed at target

Look at the way STRobot set up the trade you can see he’s thinking about the shorts for quite a while before the entry happened and his target was perfect for 134 pips profit.


STROBOT Live trade USCAD sell

So strobot took a USDCAD short today yesterday you can see how he caught the break down (B) and then the (H)look back has been protected and now we are into the (G)o for another 50/60 pips. You will notice the trailing stop is held back above the hook automatically.

STRobot adjusts the trailing stop based on the movement in the market, if the stop is too close you miss out on pips profit!

So we are holding now and targeting 212 pips. I suspect STrobot will add another trade shortly but we shall see.

The pair is running at a strength of 14.63%.


STROBOT New version 2

You may have noticed I’ve not posted for about a month that’s because I’ve been backtesting and working on a  new version of STRobot. It’s been a huge job.

STRobot still uses fib levels for targets. But has  a lot more clever things:-

– ability to add to trades to a trade so if he sees opportunities for further trades he will place them once the trade is safe (stop inside entry).
– Better entries
– Trailing stop now trails even when the trade is not in profit to reduce risk
– Entries are based on 4 hour timeframe and 15 minutes at the same time- updated all the indicators.

So let’s look at a live trade I have on.

You can see STROBOT now has a strength meter built into the trading output.

So lets have a  look at a trade in detail.

STRobot spotted CADJPY for an entry after it had bounced off of the 61.8% fib level. He waited for a break down and took the trade at the point shown, this is the hourly chart and you can see a falling trend. You’ll see how STROBOT identifies 4 hour trends so now he’s looking for a run down to the next fib level @ 38.2% He’ll probably add a few trades as this pair is not moving hugely as we go down.

Here’s the 15 min.

I don’t know how far we will get because the 200 pip target is quite a long way away but we shall see.



Anyway there we go – here comes Monday


STRobot get’s a new indicator!

Introducing STVolitlity, One of the biggest problems for any EA is flat markets. You get more false signals thane can deal with – part of the risk of Forex trading actually. Anyway – You can check out the backtests of the latest version 70.5 which aims to deal with flat markets.

During my development of this indicator I noticed that when a market begins to move in power, or changes direction that certain behaviours happen, you can see in the EURCAD the lowest indicator, see how the market crosses the 0 line indicating a new move or trend.

STRobot looks to trade on these indications of strength coming into the market – ofcourse, you can’t predict the future but you can see that he sees pretty much what’s going on – flat markets are indicated by blank areas in the STRobotRSI indicator, the second one up. So using these two things together we can try and anticipate bullish or bearish moves out of congestion.

There is a lot of news this week so it will be interesting to see what performance we get from STRobot. – click BACKTESTS to see the results of backtests from this version.